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Sermon: The Way I Don’t Want to Live

Jesus says, “Love your enemies.”  What if I don’t want to?

Here is the message from Sunday evening, entitled “The Way I Don’t Want to Live.”

On Friday, news flooded the world of another horrific terrorist attack–this time in Paris.  As I turned my attention over the weekend to prepare the message for our evening service at the church, I opened the preaching schedule that we laid out nearly 3 months ago.

Weparis peace sign‘ve been walking through the Gospel of Luke.  Sunday’s text was Luke 6:27-38, a part of Jesus’ “Sermon on the Plain.”  “Love your enemies….”

I humbly hope and pray that this message might be helpful as we navigate the tensions of following Jesus in the midst of such horrific violence.

A special thanks to Jay Voorhees for sharing his prayer.