Day 4:  Blessings, Ministry, & the Sea

Mount of Beatitudes

The Sermon on the Mount is one the major discourses or teachings of Jesus recorded in Matthew (chapters 5-7).

The Mount of Beatitudes, on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee, is the site of this teaching.

The mountain offers gorgeous views of the valley below and the mountains that surround them. Mt. Tabor, one of the believed sites of the Transfiguration, is visible right next to the Nazareth Range where the city of Nazareth is visible.

Our team in worship on the Mount of Beatitudes.

One of the most moving experiences of my life was having the opportunity to read the Beatitudes aloud for our group on the Mount of Beatitudes.

Church of the Multiplication

Each gospel contains the story of the feeding of the 5,000. The Church of the Multiplication, also known as the Church of the Heptegon (Seven Springs), stands in an approximate area of this miracle. This site has stood in memory of this event since the time of the earliest Christians.

Under the altar is the rock that tradition remembers as the one where Jesus put the baskets down. In front of the altar is a Byzantine era mosaic of the fish and the loaves.

Primacy of Peter

This church marks the location and memory of Peter’s reinstatement in John 21. At the foot of the Mount of Beatitudes, this area was also a highly productive fishing area.

A large rock marks the site where Jesus and the disciples had breakfast. The rock itself continues into the church.

The Sea of Galilee

Up to this point, we have spent our entire trip around the Sea of Galilee. Our hotel, located in Tiberias, sat on the shoreline. Every morning, we saw the sun rise over the sea.

We capped off our experience by boating on the Sea of Galilee. From the boat, we saw the mountains and lands that we had visited throughout the week.

In 1986, the Sea of Galilee had low water levels. Two brothers found some Roman nails in the uncovered mud. This led to the discovery of the remains of a 1st century fishing boat of the type that Jesus and the disciples would have used on the Sea of Galilee. After painstaking excavation, the boat was unearthed and preserved in a museum.

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