Day 3:  Cana

Cana of Galilee is the site where Jesus attended a wedding and turned water into wine. This was the first of his signs and miracles, according to the Gospel of John. This story is told on John 2:1-11.

We visited the Sanctuary of Our Lord’s First Miracle. Unfortunately, it had to unexpectedly close early. That didn’t stop a bunch of cunning pilgrims from finding a way to take a few photos!

Since the church was closed, Louie, our guide, pulled some strings with a few friends and found some space for a special and sacred moment: the renewal of marriage vows. 

Rev. Procopio led the couples on our trip in a moving service of renewal. 

It doesn’t matter that it was in an alley behind a shop or with chickens and dogs in attendance. It was done in the sight of God and in Cana of Galilee where Jesus once graced a wedding.

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